Use the Right Service aims to help people access the correct NHS services. Throughout this website, you can find information about what service is best for you, and how you can make an appointment or visit the most suitable service.

Use the Right Service has been developed by HealthWeb Solutions and a number of NHS partner organisations. You can find out more on our About Us page.

You can view the Use the Right Service artwork in a variety of different languages, here.

Use the Right Service has been recognised by Web User Magazine as one of the internet's Best New Websites, specifically for providing easy to use information for patients and users of NHS services.

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For information on Coronavirus (COVID 19), including symptoms, testing and vaccination, please visit the NHS website:

Coronavirus symptoms

Covid testing

Book or manage your coronavirus vaccination appointments

This website is provided as a public service by HealthWeb Solutions to assist users in accessing the right NHS service. It is no longer funded by the NHS. When visiting this site you may see ads, which are placed here to offset the hosting and maintenance costs. For more information on data-driven healthcare solutions, search 'HealthWeb Solutions'.

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