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HealthWeb Solutions is proud to work with the NHS in England to help people access the correct NHS service for their individual needs. Our initial development of Use the Right Service was done in partnership with several London NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and was later rolled out across Hampshire in southern England. Our partners have included:

Use The Right Service is available as a standalone website or as part of a wider public and stakeholder campaign package. Please contact HealthWeb Solutions for more information.

Health information in other languages

You can translate health information using an online translator. Although online translators can accurately translate individual words and phrases, they may not always be able to interpret the meaning of larger or more complex pieces of information.

For more information on health information in other languages, visit: https://www.nhs.uk/accessibility/health-information-in-other-languages/

You can view the Use the Right Service artwork in a variety of different languages, see below:

About HealthWeb Solutions

Intelligent Solutions for the Public, Charitable & Private Sectors
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HealthWeb Solutions Ltd began operating primarily in the public and charitable sectors, offering bespoke and integrated solutions for a range of clients across technology and web, public relations, communications, engagement, public affairs, branding and identity. The company is pleased to have expanded to take on various private sector clients across a range of industries and specialisms.

The directors and team at HealthWeb Solutions Ltd have extensive experience gained over many years. The company operates nationwide, with offices in London, the South East and South West of England. We are pleased to offer flexible packages to meet the needs of your organisation, including director level consultancy, interim and permanent staffing arrangements, strategic development guidance, project and campaign management and technological solutions for all your strategic and internal and external communications needs.

In March 2021 we launched our 'next generation' GP Portal, providing a single point of access for primary care clinicians. The portal offers instinctive navigation of content required by GPs and practice staff, with simple search functions and easy-to-use cross referencing. Using these tools, NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups are able to ensure that clinicians and practice staff remain up-to-date on referrals, pathways, medicines, prescribing, latest news, emergency notifications and more.

Feel free to call us on 020 3626 9684 or email us at hello@healthweb.solutions to discuss your requirements.

This website is provided as a public service by HealthWeb Solutions to assist users in accessing the right NHS service. It is no longer funded by the NHS. When visiting this site you may see ads, which are placed here to offset the hosting and maintenance costs. For more information on data-driven healthcare solutions, search 'HealthWeb Solutions'.

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